Congratulations you’ve just stumbled upon the best idea yet for a stag or hen party. Phuket Stag party packages are the ultimate events for pre-wedding celebrations. This is not your average stag or hen weekend but an epic event that will go down in history as the greatest bachelor or bachelorette party that you or any of your friends have ever attended. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can forget the Bangkok Hangover 2, this will leave you with your memory still intact and awesome experiences to recount with your mates for years to come. After all, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event right, well almost. The Stag or Hen do that is organized should be just as exclusive and legendary.

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Stag Party Ideas in Phuket

Struggling for some stag party ideas in Phuket? Help is at hand, we’re going to throw you some ideas so you’ll have no trouble coming over here and having the most insane stag party imaginable.

Phuket is the perfect place to host a stag party. First of all, you’re on a paradise island (Thailand’s largest island) that is surrounded by the warm waters of the Andaman Sea and is home to an almost endless list of amazing activities. Then there’s the women, Phuket is home to literally hundreds of stunnigly beautiful Thai Women. Last but not least there’s Phuket’s nightlife scene, one of, if not the best nightlife scene in the whole of Southeast Asia. And on our nightlife tours we take you to the epicentre of it all, Bangla Road. You couldn’t find a better place more suited for stag parties than Bangla Road, take a look at our Nightlife Tour for more info: Insane Nightlife Tour

So to kick start your stag party in Phuket you should check out one of the many extreme watersport activities available, such as whitewater rafting, kitesurfing, or wakeboarding. All of them offer a wicked experience and are a great way to get things going. After you’ve spent most of your time probably underwater rather than skimming the waters, you should take our infamous Stags Night Tour or our Patong Go-Go Party where you’ll be able to choose your own dancers and shows, we’ll also get the stag up on stage too.

The following day you could sort out that hangover by heading out on one Phuket’s land based activities, such as an adrenaline fueled bungee jump, a trip to a shooting range to test out some powerful guns, some zorbing, or even quad biking over the mountains. Depending on when you finish this could be topped off with a trip on Phuket’s Party Boat, a boat that has been specifically designed to stage the most insane and incredible boat party you’ll ever experience. It has live DJ’s, a dance floor, and enough alcohol on board to floor a herd of elephants.

You can also check out our pre-made stag packages, all of which offer a different but equally incredible experience: Stag Party Packages

Strip/GoGo Bars and Clubs

You are in the right place if you’re looking for some eye candy for the stag party. Bangla Road is lined with dozens of strip/GoGo bars and clubs as well as most normal bars having beautiful women dancing on the bar tops. Bangla Road also includes a couple of Russian strip/GoGo clubs that have some stunning girls working in them but for a more pleasing experience you should definitely head to one of the Thai places. We work with the finest clubs in Patong that include some of the most beautiful Thai girls in the whole of Phuket. These girls really know who to keep your attention and will ensure you have a memorable night.

Phuket Villa parties

Take part in an unforgettable stag do

Chilli Events Phuket Stag & Hen Parties

Stag, Bucks, Or Bulls?

The term used for that special moment when either the lads or girls get together for one massive party before a wedding takes place is known as different terms across the globe.

In the UK it is known as a stag or hen party but if you travel over to Australia you’ll notice that they use the term “Bucks or Hens party”. In America it is known as a “Bachelor or Bachelorette party” and over in South Africa they call it a “Bulls Party”. What ever you call it, this event needs to be something a little special.

The Stag Party used to be just one night of mayhem that included a bunch of blokes roaming whatever town or city it is that they are in and partying hard. Doing a pub crawl, having a stripper, and taking part in a bunch of crazy drinking games until they pretty much died.Now the stag or hen night usually extends to a whole weekend or even a week away abroad.

Weekends will normally include a slightly tame night out on a Friday, going to an activity like paintball or go-karting during the day on Saturday, then followed by the big night out and recovering on Sunday.

Stag or hen parties abroad tend to be a little more mental. Popular destinations are places like Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, Munich, Barcelona, and the new destination on Phuket in Thailand. Stag or hen parties abroad are always guaranteed to get messy and in are eyes, is the best option. It will ensure that the last few days of freedom will be some of the craziest days you’ll ever have, and ones that’ll be remembered forever.

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Destination Thailand

Thailand is an amazing destination and one suited perfectly for stag and hen dos. Ok, so travelling over to Thailand will cost a little more only because of the flights, but a stag or hen do is an event that should go down in history as one of the most insane experiences you could possibly have. So do the right thing, let us do all the hard work, and book a stag or hen do with us in the paradise of Thailand.

So where in Thailand do we go?

For a stag or hen do in Thailand the best suited locations that can produce that moment you’ll be talking about for years to come are Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, and Koh Samui.

Stag or Hen Party in Phuket

Breathtaking scenery, spectacular exotic sunsets, and hot crystal blue waters await you in Asia’s most desired paradise destination. This island has an unbeatable combination of extreme watersport activities, white sandy beaches, accommodation, and nightlife scene. Making it perfect for stag and hen dos. Read more about Phuket here or head straight to our awesome Phuket Stag and Hen Party Packages here


Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city. The city which also featured in the film ‘The Hangover 2’. This place has an awesome nightlife scene, one of the best in Thailand but it lacks adventure and water activities that go hand in hand with stag and hen parties. It is possible but you generally have to travel some distance to reach them. Take a look at our Bangkok Stag Party here


When people describe Pattaya they say it isn’t the real Thailand. This is because the beaches are generally quite dirty and far to commercialised, the local Thai people don’t seem to be as friendly as other parts, and the main reason most people go to holiday there is for the women. On the other hand, the nightlife scene is amazing, it’s just one big party city. You’re guaranteed to have a brilliant night in Pattaya but it doesn’t give you an all round experience of Thailand compared to places like Phuket.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the 3rd largest island in Thailand and is a great place to spend a few days. The nightlife is good and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

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